CAMMAKE New Eye Items

CAMMAKE Eye Items New

CAMMAKE "Mixed Eyebrow Color" in two limited colors, "Offering Mascara" in two limited colors, and "Silky Flare Eyes (matte type)" in one limited color are available from the end of January. Creamy Touch Liner" limited 1 color will be available in early February.




A new three-color eyebrow palette that allows you to adjust the color to your liking. By applying color with highly pigmented powder, eyebrows look lighter and brighter.

CAMMAKE "Mixed Eyebrow Color

The semi-solid aloe butter coated powder, which melts at skin temperature, adheres tightly to the eyebrows to keep the finish in place. Includes a blending brush for softly applying color and a diagonally cut brush ideal for eye contouring.

CAMMAKE "Mixed Eyebrow Color

The colors are "C01 Charm Pink," which gives a warm impression, and "C02 Gelashy Purple," a classy purple with just the right amount of blush. Priced at 660 yen (tax included).

CAMMAKE "Mixed Eyebrow Color



"Curl-Keeping Mascara that can be taken off with hot water" is now available in two limited-edition colors, overturning the image of "curl-keep mascara that is hard to remove. Gently pinch the lashes between your fingers and let the mascara blend into the hot water while moving your fingers to remove it.

CAM MAKE "Offsetting Mascara".

Contains two types of filming agents with different hardness to curl up and keep lashes in place. Water-proof formula resistant to water, sweat, tears, and moisture from masks. Smudge-proof formula that is resistant to sebum and does not smudge. Gently curved, tapered brush fits the curve of the eyelid for easy application.

CAM MAKE "Offsetting Mascara".

The limited edition colors are 03 Dark Cherry, a dark reddish brown that creates a sexy atmosphere, and 04 Cat Ash, an ash color that gives eyes a sense of transparency. Priced at 748 yen (tax included).

CAM MAKE "Offsetting Mascara".

Silky Flare Eyes (matte type)

A palette of three matte colors for a soft, translucent finish and one delicate lame color for a translucent color. Even when layered, the shadows are lightweight without feeling thickly coated, and gradations can be created beautifully.

CAMMAKE "Silky Flare Eyes (Matte Type)

The new color "M06 Limaglaze" is an elegant pink-glaze with a relaxed feel. The price is 825 yen (tax included).

Creamy Touch Liner

1.5mm ultra-fine core eyeliner that is easy to draw fine. The roll-out type keeps the core fine at all times. It is gentle to the eye area and does not stick to the eyelid.

CAMMAKE "Creamy Touch Liner

Water-proof formula is resistant to water, sweat, tears, and sebum. It is also resistant to rubbing and maintains a freshly drawn finish for a long time. Contains beauty essence ingredients (moisture retention).

New color "11 Cloudy Gray" is a brownish gray that blends well with the skin. It creates a natural look while tightening the eye area. The price is 715 yen (tax included).