CAMMAKE "Plump Lip Care Scrub+".


"Plump Lip Care Scrub+"

Three types of "Plump Lip Care Scrub+" for moisturizing and exfoliating are available from Canmake from late January. Each is priced at 594 yen (tax included).



Care Scrub+ is a lip scrub that treats problems such as dryness, cracked skin caused by dead skin cells, and dullness with a single application. The sugar scrub melts on the lips and removes dead skin cells, leaving your lips smooth and silky.

CAMMAKE "Plump Lip Care Scrub+".

The cool and refreshing plumper effect (due to the makeup effect) leaves your lips plump and supple and so soft that you want to touch them. Moisturizes and protects lips from dryness as if they were wrapped. No rinse-off or wipe-off required, so it is easy to care for your lips on the go and is recommended for night care. Fragrance free.

S01 Water Blue

Contains sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing ingredient) and ceramide NP (moisturizing ingredient).

CAMMAKE "Plump Lip Care Scrub+".

S02 Lemon Fizz

Contains vitamin C derivative (product antioxidant) and retinol palmitate (skin conditioning ingredient).

CAMMAKE "Plump Lip Care Scrub+".

S03 Mint Green

Contains CICA extract (skin conditioning ingredient) and Dokudami extract (skin conditioning ingredient).

CAMMAKE "Plump Lip Care Scrub+".