Mifa Collection Stand L


"Study Support Goods" and "Suishikatsu Stationery"

New products and trendy stationery items recommended for this spring are now available at LOFT stores and LOFT net store nationwide. This year, we are focusing on "Study Support Goods" to improve study efficiency and "Suishikatsu Stationery" to make your "Suishikatsu" (= activities to love and support your favorite idols, actors, characters, etc.) even more fun.

Study Support Goods


Miorin Study Time Binder B6 / Refills for Memorization Notebook / Refills for Study Record Management

The third in a series of stationery collaborations with Miorin, a Tokyo University graduate and study method designer, is an easy-to-carry size memorization binder and dedicated refills that allow memorization of five subjects in a single volume.

Miori Study Time

Miori Study Time

Four types of B6 binders, 825 yen each; refills for memorization notebooks (horizontally ruled, square, and for memorization) and study record management refills, 275 yen each (tax included, same as below).


A notebook developed for junior and senior high school students in a format that allows daily study planning, recording, and reviewing. Newly available in pink, blue, and green with a limited-edition Loft cover. 2,002 yen.

Loft "Norti Scola"

One-Hand Word Cards Large

Word cards that can be easily turned over with one hand thanks to a special page structure. 50 cards in a pack. 385 yen.

One Hand Word Cards Large

2-Tone Color Markers MARKTAS

Two-tone line markers in the same color are split in two, so you can change colors by simply turning the markers around without changing hands. The two colors can be used in different ways depending on the level of importance. 187 yen.

2-tone color marker marktas

Kept Cube Pouch


A cube-shaped case with a key ring for holding mini plush toys and other small items that you like to show off. 990 yen.

Kept Cube Pouch


Notebook with a hard clear case on the cover that can be used to create original covers by inserting photos, clippings, etc. 880 yen.

Loft "PiN NOTE

Mifa Collection Stand L

A collection file to store trading cards, can badges, coasters, and other "guess goods". It can also be used as an "altar of guesses" display stand. 3,960 yen.

Mifa Collection Stand L

Pochitto Six:

The "Push to Live" is a button-type osmotic seal consisting of a series of six small stamps. Designed to record your schedule for your guess activities. 990 yen.

Pochitto Six, I plan to push for it.

Log Diary Date-Free Daily

One-page diary with no date, so you can start when you want and write only when you want. It has an extensive contents page where you can write down your favorite lists, events, etc. It is also recommended for keeping track of your favorite activities. Recommended for keeping track of your favorite activities. 1,650 yen.

Product availability may vary by store.