New "incoco" collection "Beach Style


's new collection "Beach Style" was released on June 7 in limited quantities from the sheet-type manicure brand INCOCO. The four designs include blue colors popular in summer, shimmers and glitters that also look great on the feet.

Beach Style ~Beach


The new collection "Beach Style" was developed with the intention of looking good on foot nails as well as on hands. The lineup includes "Seaside Delight," "Ocean Wonders," "Palm Paradise," and "Peach Sorbet. Each contains 2 sheets of 8 sizes, for both hand and foot use. Each is priced at 1,100 yen (tax included).

The price will be revised on July 6, 2023.

Seaside Delight

Beach Style" Seaside Delight, a new collection from IN COCO
Seaside Delight

Nuanced nails with a base color of baby pink and softly marbled light blue. The soft touch is impressive, as if it captures the shimmering of the tide that repeats itself at the edge of the waves. The top of the nail has a shimmery glossy coating, and the delicate luster softly brightens the fingertips.

Ocean Wonders

Ocean Wonders, a new collection of "IN COCO", "Beach Style", Ocean Wonders
Ocean Wonders

A cool nail design with a mix of one-color blue and gradient nails. The combination of pale blue with greenish tints and cobalt blue is a true ocean color. In addition to the refreshing colors, you can enjoy the shimmering luster and beautiful gloss.


Paradise Palm Paradise

Beach Style" Palm Paradise, a new collection by IN COCO
Palm Paradise Palm Paradise

A silver and blue gradation glitter nail design. The silhouette of a floating palm tree has a slightly retro, tropical feel. The vertical gradation makes the fingertips look sleek and beautiful. Also recommended for foot nails.



INCOCO new collection "Beach Style" Peach Sorbet
Peach Sorbet

A glitter nail polish with a slightly translucent coral orange color and a glittery lamé coating. The different sized large and small lamé are aurora borealis type, with the color changing depending on the angle the light hits it. The color is easy to use without looking too flashy, as it blends well with the skin while still having the glamour of all-over lamé.


INCOCO is a sheet-type nail polish that "allows you to easily achieve salon-grade nails just by applying it, without taking time or using tools. It is a convenient "paste-on nail polish" that can be easily changed to match your fashion and mood.