Integrate "Melty Fit Concealer

Integrate Melty

Fit Concealer Integrate will release "Melty Fit Concealer," an easy-to-finger-apply concealer that melts to provide close coverage and stays put all day*. The estimated price is 1,650 yen (tax included). The release date is July 21.

Melty Fit


Melts to provide close coverage that lasts all day long* and is easy to apply with the fingers. The palette type concealer easily covers acne scars, dark circles, uneven skin tone, etc., and can be applied to a variety of skin problems with the effect of two color sets: orange beige for dark circles and dullness, and yellow beige for redness and acne scar correction. The palette has a melting sensation even when finger-applied, and adheres to the skin for even coverage and a long-lasting freshly applied finish. Contains hyaluronic acid (water retention) and argan oil (moisturizing).

The package design features a small heart symbol on the left breast of the face, which embodies the "Lovely" spirit of the INTEGREGATE brand. The design of the product is also designed to move people's hearts every time they put on makeup.

(According to Shiseido's research, effects may vary depending on the individual.