CAMMAKE "City Light Eyes" and "Aurora Cocktail Glitter

CAMMAKE "City Lights Eyes" and "Aurora Cocktail Glitter"

CAMMAKE will release new colors of single color eyeshadow "City Lights Eyes" and colorful glitter "Aurora Cocktail Glitter" in late March.

City Light


A single eyeshadow containing highly luminous pearls that sparkle like a nightscape. Designed to make eyelids look beautiful by intricately mixing pearls of different sizes and colors on the skin and multiplying the luminance. Finger-application allows you to enjoy maximum pearl luminosity.

CAMMAKE "City Light Eyes

Contains 5 moisturizing ingredients (jojoba seed oil, squalane, ceramide NP, sodium hyaluronate, and water-soluble collagen). The smooth application prevents unevenness and provides a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

The round shape of the container is reminiscent of a nighttime photograph of a city at night with countless lights shining round and round. Four colors are available. The price is 638 yen (tax included).

CAMMAKE "City Light Eyes" and "Aurora Cocktail Glitter

01 Racetto Brown: A slightly reddish brown with a hint of color
02 Sphinx Amber: Copper gold that blends well with the skin
03 Orchid Mauve: Mauve pink that looks cute on adults
04 Chamois Pink: Coral pink for a feminine finish

Aurora Cocktail Gl

itter: Enjoy the sparkle of lame! Liquid type colorful glitter. The lame particles are moderately sized so that they do not stand out and are easy to use. The base is filled with fine pearls that shine even when the eyeliner is drawn thin.

CAMMAKE "Aurora Cocktail Glitter

The new color "01 Yogurt Fizz" creates clear eyes with white lamé that is as white as yogurt. It is recommended to combine with gentle color eyeshadows such as beige and pale pink. Price: 715 yen (tax included).