Kitan Club "Chiikawa Hoshi to Issho Light
(Image taken from the official website)


UB "Chiikawa Hoshi to Issho Light" capsule toy "Chiikawa Hoshi to Issho Light" will be sold by KITAN CLUB. The release date is July 1. The price is 500 yen per capsule (tax included). The size is about 45 to 60 mm.

"Chiikawa Issho


with Star" The popular "Chiikawa" from SNS and LINE stamps has become a cute figure light that illuminates. When the switch on the back is turned ON, the star shines brightly. The batteries are replaceable, so you can enjoy it for a long time. The star's facial expressions are also remarkable, as they are tailored to each character. Enjoy decorating and lighting them! There are a total of 5 types, and the lineup is as follows

Cheeky and star
・ Hachiware and star
・ Rabbit and star
・ Kurimanju and star
・ Cheeky and black star

"Cheeky and star light" is so cute that you will want to complete all kinds. If you see one, please give it a try.

(C) Nagano / Cheeka production committee