Kitanklub "Chiikawa diorama acrylic stand
(Image taken from the official website)

Kitan Club Chii-Kawa Diorama Acrylic


Chii-Kawa Diorama Acrylic Stand will be sold by Kitan Club for 500 yen each (contents are random).

Chii-Kawa Diorama


Stand A diorama-style acrylic stand that captures the world of "Chii-Kawa" is now available. When you open the capsule, you will find 4 acrylic plates inside. When you assemble them, a voluminous three-dimensional diorama will be completed.

The lineup includes Chiikawa's house, a sauna, and other memorable locations from the film. The cute dome-shaped design makes it easy to display them side by side and collect them all.

The lineup is as follows. Total 5 kinds.

Chiikawa's house, Hachiware's house, Acorn DJ, Ro, Sauna

You can recreate the world of Chiikawa! I want to line up all of them! If you are a Chii-Ka fan, you can't miss the Chii-Ka Diorama Acrylic Stand by Kitanklub. Why don't you give it a try when you see it?

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