Yojiya "hanpaku rimu ginmokusei



" Yojiya will again offer "HANDEL RIMU GINGMOKUSEI," which sold out 30,000 bottles in about one month last year (2022). It will be available seasonally only from July 31, along with the new "Multi Body Oil Ginmokusei," which can be used for moisturizing care of the whole body.

Yojiya "hanpaku rimu ginmokusei" and "multi-body oil ginmokusei".

Sold at the Gion main store, Sagano Arashiyama store, Kiyomizu Sanneizaka store, Kiyomizu store, Kinkakuji store, Daimaru Kyoto store, JR Kyoto Isetan store, Kyoto Station Karasuma central exit corner, Kyoto Station Hachijo exit corner, Haneda Airport Terminal 1 store, Haneda Airport Terminal 2 store, Sapporo Stellar Place store (from August 4), online store .



Yojiya "hanpaku rimu ginmokusei

HAND CREAM GINGMOKUSEI" is a hand cream released in limited quantities last September. The fragrance of Ginmokusei, which is similar to Kinmokusei but subtly sweet, became a hot topic on SNS and other social networking sites, and the product was sold out within about one month of its release. Since then, there have been many requests for "HAND CREAM GINGMOKUSAI," and it is now available again this year.

It contains "silk sericin," a natural moisturizing ingredient. It moisturizes hands with the scent of ginmokusei while keeping them moist and smooth. Price: 880 yen (tax included).


Body Oil Gin

Yojiya "Multi-body oil Ginmokusei

Multi Body Oil Ginmokusei" contains olive oil and jojoba oil, which are natural moisturizing ingredients, and can be used not only for the body, but also for hair, face, hands, nails, and other multiple uses. It can also be used as an introductory oil before lotion.

It comes in a pump type that can be used as it sits, and its silver osmanthus fragrance provides a relaxing moisturizing care. Price: 2,640 yen (tax included).

Ginmokusei Set

Yojiya "Ginmokusei Set

A set that includes "HANDEY RHYTHME GINGMOKUSEI" and "Multi Body Oil GINGMOKUSEI". The price is 3,520 yen (tax included).


moisture set

Yojiya "Ginmokusei moisture set

This set includes "Happoririmu Ginmokusei," "Multibody Oil Ginmokusei," and a packet of "Moisturizing Paper. The price is 4,070 yen (tax included).