A lantern-shaped bag featuring Moomin characters is now available from Imperial Enterprises

Imperial Enterprises will be selling lantern-shaped bags featuring Mimura-neesan and Little My at the I・E・I original shop. This new fashion item features popular characters from the Moomin world, the caring Mimura-nee-san and the curious Little My.
This unique lantern-shaped bag is designed with Mimura-neesan and Little My all over, and the original jacquard fabric in chic colors is accented with black leather tassels and handles. The fun woven pattern and adorable form bring the wearer a sense of style and a sense of style.
The material is polyester, cowhide, zinc alloy, and magnet, and the size is bottom diameter 23cm x height 22cm, handle height 19cm, and weight approximately 290g (10.23oz). The price is 27,280 yen including tax.

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