Kneipp Foam Body Wash


"Kneipp Foam Body Wash" in two scents

Kneipp will start selling "Kneipp Foam Body Wash" on August 29. The lineup includes two scents: "Gutenacht Hops & Valerian" and "Happy for Me Lotus & Jasmine. The price is 1,100 yen for a 450 g package and 946 yen for a refill (400 g) (both tax included).

Kneipp Foaming Body Wash

Kneipp Foam Body Wash

This foam-type body wash is not only moisturizing and gentle on the skin, but also luxurious with the authentic scent of natural essential oils. The dense lather of this botanical formulation is made with non-irritating cleaning ingredients (betaine, amino acid, and soda soap), and no ethanol or petroleum-based ingredients or surfactants are used. This creates a long-lasting, dense foam that can be spread over the entire body without breaking up.

Kneipp Foam Body Wash

Three types of organic natural plant moisturizing ingredients, argan oil, jojoba oil, and calendula flower extract, are lavishly blended to leave skin moist as if covered with a single veil after washing. Preservatives, synthetic polymers, paraffin, silicone, and mineral oil are all absent, and the ingredients are biodegradable. Vegan formula.


Hops & Valerian Fragrance

Kneipp Foaming Body Wash Gutenacht Hops & Valerian Fragrance

Gutenacht" means "good night" in German. This is a foam body wash for nighttime beauty that leads you to deep relaxation with the scent of hops and valerian, which have long been known in Europe as herbs with a "relaxing aroma.

Happy for Me Lotus & Jasmine Fragrance

Kneipp Foaming Body Wash Happy for Me Lotus & Jasmine Fragrance

This foam body wash envelops you in the oriental and elegant floral scents of lotus and jasmine. It leads you to a peaceful resort atmosphere, free from everyday life.