Kitanklub New Cheeky Hairband Collection Capsule Toy
(Image taken from the official website)


New "

Chiikawa Hairband Collection"

Capsule Toy

KITAN CLUB will sell a new capsule toy "Chiikawa Hairband Collection". The price is 500 yen per capsule (tax included). The contents are random. Size: approx. 80 x 260 x 20 mm.


Hairband Collection

A cute hairband collection with the unique expressions of the Chiikawas embroidered on it. The gathered band with soft elastic holds your hair firmly in place. They are very useful for holding hair in place after taking a bath, washing face, or during makeup application. The band can be used for a wide range of people, from children to adults, and is available in a variety of sizes. It is recommended to be used as a companion for relaxing time or pretending to be a little cute guys and girls.

The individual expressions on the KITAN CLUB "Chiikawaka Hairband Collection" are really cute. Why not try to complete the collection?

(C) NAGANO/Chii-Kawa Production Committee