Nitori "Foldable Aluminum Laundry Basket

Nitori "Foldable Aluminum Laundry Basket"

The "Foldable Aluminum Laundry Basket" has been on sale at some Nitori stores and on Nitori net since early September. This laundry basket is made of mesh material and folds up for storage.

Foldable Aluminum

Laundry Basket

This foldable laundry basket was developed to make effective use of space in changing rooms. A new basket made of mesh material is now available.

Nitori "Foldable Aluminum Laundry Basket

The mesh material provides good ventilation and is perfect for storing soiled clothes or laundry. It also has a long handle that can be removed from the frame and easily moved to the place where you want to hang it to dry. It can be hung over the shoulder, so you don't have to bend down to hang it up.

Nitori "Foldable Aluminum Laundry Basket

The frame is made of aluminum alloy and the fabric is nylon. Size is approx. 33 cm (width) x 35 cm (depth) x 63 cm (height), with a capacity of approx. 30 liters. The price is 2,490 yen (tax included, same as below).

Other portable mesh baskets available are the "Multi-purpose Mesh Basket" and "Mesh Laundry Basket.

Multi-purpose mesh


Nitori "Multi-purpose mesh basket

A multi-purpose bag with pockets for storing small items. The capacity of the S size is approximately 4 liters and the L size is approximately 7 liters. The price is 599 yen for the S size and 799 yen for the L size.

Mesh Laundry Basket

Nitori "mesh laundry basket

This item can be hung diagonally so that you can take out and dry laundry without bending down. The capacity is approximately 37.5 liters. Price: 1,290 yen.