Nitori Electric Takoyaki Maker (LD2S04)


Electric Takoyaki Maker (LD2S04) Nitori will sell the Electric Takoyaki Maker (LD2S04), whose plates can be removed for easy cleaning. The price is 2,490 yen (tax included).

Tacopa" is a casual way to enjoy takoyaki at home with family and friends. On the other hand, it can be difficult to clean. The deep holes in the takoyaki plate make it difficult to wash if the plate cannot be removed. To solve this problem, Nitori has released an electric takoyaki maker with a removable plate for easy cleaning and a skewer guide.

Electric Takoyaki

Maker (LD2S04)

Not only easy to clean, but also easy to cook. The square type plate has holes lined up regularly, making it easy to pour the batter evenly. The dough can be neatly cut along the skewer guide on the plate surface, making it easier to form into round shapes, even for beginners. Sixteen bite-sized (approx. 40 mm) takoyaki can be made at a time.

Nitori Electric Takoyaki Maker (LD2S04)

Nitori Electric Takoyaki Maker (LD2S04)

The outline of the product is as follows

Product Name】 Electric Takoyaki Maker (LD2S04 White)
【Price】 2,490 yen
【Rated Voltage】AC100V
【Rated Frequency】50Hz/60Hz
【Rated Power Consumption】650W
【Outline Dimensions (approx.)] (Body + plate) Width 262 x Depth 237 x Height 85mm
【Cord Length Length (approx.)] 1.4m
[Weight (approx.)] Main unit: 1.2kg
[Plate type] Separate heater type

* This product is designed for use in Japan, and cannot be used in foreign countries with different power supply voltage and frequency.