Summary of new kitchen items from Nitori

Summary of new kitchen items from Nitori

We will introduce Nitori's new kitchen products. The lineup includes convenient storage items, tableware, cooking utensils, and more that will meet your needs.

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"Magnetic Storage Series" Kitchen Items

Nitori "Magnetic Storage Series" Kitchen Items

A series of storage items that make effective use of wall space to tidy up cooking spaces that tend to get cluttered. New items include the "Chopping Board Stand" for 1,790 yen, the "Knife Stand" for 1,990 yen, the "Pot Lid Stand" for 1,790 yen, the "Kitchen Tool Stand" for 1,990 yen, and the "Glass Bottle Holder" for 1,790 yen.

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Vacuum-resistant glass storage container

Nitori's "Vacuum-resistant glass storage container"

By creating a vacuum inside the storage container, food oxidation can be suppressed and moisture can be prevented. The main container is made of heat-resistant glass, so it can be used in microwaves and ovens. The prices are 370ml (12.51us fl oz)/499 yen, 650ml (21.98us fl oz)/599 yen, and 1,040ml (1.35us fl oz)/999 yen (tax included, same below).

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Acacia Tableware

Nitori "Acacia Tableware"

Six curved plates have been added to the Acacia tableware series lineup. The natural curved shapes bring out a more natural texture. Prices are 599 yen, 999 yen, and 1,190 yen.

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Easy to wash and stack dishes

Nitori "Easy-to-wash and stackable tableware"

The backs are flat and smooth, so they fit neatly when stacked, making them easy to wash. They come in three colors: white, gray, and black. Prices are: "Easy-to-wash and stackable round plates" 399 yen (12cm), 599 yen (18cm), 799 yen (24cm), "Easy-to-wash and stackable round bowls" 599 yen (15cm), 799 yen (21cm).

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Kitchen sponges that are replaced every day

Nitori "Daily Replacement Kitchen Sponge"

This popular item, which has sold a total of 1.3 million units, is now available in four types: a baking soda type recommended for oil stains, a type containing citric acid recommended for removing limescale, a type with better foaming, and a thick type that can be torn off. Prices start from 299 yen.

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Toast plate

Nitori "Toast Plate"

A plate with dividers that is perfect for a breakfast plate, with bread and side dishes. The size is 21cm wide x 18cm deep x 1.5cm high. Dishwasher and microwave safe. The price is 399 yen.

Mixing Bowl

Nitori "Mixing Bowl"

A bowl perfect for salads, fruits, yogurt, etc. Made of stoneware. Size: Width 12.5 x Depth 11 x Height 6 cm. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Price: 299 yen.


Nitori "Mug"

Available in gray and mocha. Made of stoneware. Size: 12 x 9 x 8 cm. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Price: 399 yen.

Coffee Dripper

Nitori "Coffee Dripper"

The color is mocha. The material is stoneware. The size is 10.5 x 10.5 x 8 cm. Dishwasher and microwave safe. The price is 499 yen.

Coffee Server

Nitori "Coffee Server"

The color is mocha. The material is stoneware. The size is width 14.5 x depth 9.5 x height 11.5 cm. Dishwasher and microwave safe. The price is 499 yen.

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"TORERU2" set of pots and pans with removable handles

Nitori's "TORERU2" set of removable handle pots and pans

The handles are removable, making it easy to wash and store, and it's a popular item that can also be used as a replacement for plates. The set lineup includes a 5-piece set (4,990 yen), a 7-piece set (5,990 yen), and a 12-piece set (10,990 yen). You can get a lot more for your money than buying each item individually.

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Kitchen cushion floor mat (rabbit)

Nitori "Kitchen Cushion Floor Mat (Rabbit)"

This product was developed based on feedback from people who said, "When it gets cold, I worry about my feet getting cold while cooking and the coldness of the kitchen mat." The soft and supple feel of the rabbit fur is popular. The color is mocha. Prices are 1,990 yen (45 x 120 cm), 2,990 yen (45 x 180 cm), and 3,990 yen (45 x 240 cm).

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Electric Takoyaki Maker (LD2S04)

Nitori "Electric Takoyaki Maker (LD2S04)"

It can make 16 bite-sized (about 40mm) takoyaki at once. The square plate has holes arranged in a regular pattern, making it easy to pour the batter evenly. The price is 2,490 yen.

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"IH/Gas Fire Lightweight Clay Pot-Style Tabletop Pot" Series

Nitori "IH/Gas Fire Lightweight Earthenware-Style Tabletop Pot"

This year, a new deep type has been added to the ivory lineup. It is ideal for dishes with large ingredients and a lot of liquid, such as oden and pot-au-feu. The mouth is narrow compared to the capacity, and the compact shape does not take up much space. Prices are 1,990 yen (18cm), 2,990 yen (24cm), 3,490 yen (27cm), 3,990 yen (30cm), 2,490 yen (18cm deep type), and 3,490 yen (24cm deep type).

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