Nitori "Cushion floor mat for kitchen (rabbit)

Nitori "Cushion Floor Mat for Kitchen (Rabbit

)" "Cushion Floor Mat for Kitchen (Rabbit)" is available at some Nitori stores and on Nitori net from mid-September. This kitchen mat with rabbit fur touch is perfect for the coming season.


floor mat for kitchen (rabbit

Nitori "Cushion floor mat for kitchen (rabbit)

The Rabbit series is popular for its fluffy and supple feel of Rabbit Fur Touch. This time, a kitchen mat was developed based on customer feedback such as "In the cold season, I am concerned about my feet and the coldness of the kitchen mat while cooking.

It is cushioned and gentle to the feet, and has a non-slip surface finish for use in the kitchen. This kitchen mat has a soft and comfortable feel that makes you want to stand on it for a long time. The non-slip backing prevents the mat from sliding around.

Nitori "Cushion floor mat for kitchen (rabbit)

The color is mocha. Sizes and prices are 1,990 yen (45 x 120 cm), 2,990 yen (45 x 180 cm), and 3,990 yen (45 x 240 cm).