REMRIS night care brand

Birth of the "REMRIS

" night care brand The "REMRIS" night care brand has been on sale sequentially at PLAZA and Loft stores nationwide since October 2 (except some stores).


REMRIS was created to be a fragrance brand that provides healing and reassurance in the darkness of the night and a signpost for tomorrow, just as the Polaris and Astrolabe did in the past. Night care products are developed using carefully selected essential oils and natural fragrances.

There are two types of fragrances. Intention Vita, a fresh green rose fragrance, and Samatha Prana, an Earl Grey musk fragrance, will accompany you through any night.

Relaxing Multi Mist

Night care brand "REMRIS" Relaxing Multi Mist

A non-alcoholic multi-mist that can be used on the body, hair, and fabrics such as sofas. For when you want to have a flat mind before bedtime. The fragrance softly and gently envelops you. The product contains 100 ml and is priced at 2,420 yen (tax included, same as below).

Bath & Moisture Body Oil

Night care brand "REMRIS" Bath & Moisture Body Oil

A treatment oil formulated with moisturizing ingredients (jojoba seed oil and squalane) that does not require rinsing off, to care for the skin after bathing. It can be added to the bath when taking a bath and used as a bath oil while enjoying the fragrance. Contents 50 ml, estimated price 2,970 yen

Oil in Relaxing Cream

Night care brand "REMRIS" Oil in Relaxing Cream

A full-body treatment cream that combines the smoothness of cream and the intense moisture of oil into one. Enjoy the moisture and fragrance after taking a bath or relaxing before bedtime. The product contains 150 g of oil, and is expected to sell for 2,420 yen.