Nitori "N-Warm Electric Blanket

Nitori "N

-Warm Electric Blanket" The "N-Warm Electric Blanket" has been on sale at Nitori stores and on Nitori Net since September 18. This electric blanket is warm while saving electricity and is washable.

N-Warm Electric


N-Warm is an item that uses a "moisture-absorbing, heat-generating material" that converts moisture emitted from the body into heat. The electric blanket warms up when electricity passes through the electric heating wire inside the blanket, and the use of N-Warm fabric makes it even warmer. It is convenient for warming up the futon by turning on the switch before going to bed.

Although the electric blanket is wired with electric heating wires, it is machine washable and easy to care for (it cannot be washed in a drum-type washing machine). They are also equipped with a tick-repelling function for hygienic use.

Nitori "N-Warm Electric Blanket

Electric blankets also consume less electricity than other heating devices, making them an ideal item for saving money in winter when heating costs are a concern.

Three types are available: the affordable "mattress type," the convenient "hanging blanket type," which can be used for both laying and hanging, and the "mattress pad type," newly released this year, which has an elastic band to prevent shifting.

Electric Blanket N-Warm (mattress type

Nitori "Electric Blanket N-Warm (mattress type)

This type is used by laying it on top of a futon or mattress. By turning on the power before going to bed, you can keep the inside of the futon warm and reduce coldness. The size is 80 cm (width) x 130 cm (depth), and the price is 3,990 yen (tax included, same as below).

Electric blanket N-Warm (heating/shielding type

Nitori "Electric Quilt Blanket N-Warm (Quilt Type)

This blanket can be used either under the body or over the body. The blanket can be used for sleeping like the mattress type, but it can also easily be used to warm you during the day when you feel cold. Size: 130 cm (width) x 188 cm (depth); price: 7,990 yen.

Electric mattress pad N-Warm (mattress pad type

Nitori "Electric pad N-Warm (mattress pad type)

This type can be laid over an entire futon or mattress. With an elastic band to prevent shifting, this item is recommended for those for whom the mattress type is not large enough. Size: 100 cm (width) x 200 cm (depth); price: 7,990 yen.