Nitori Heating Appliances for Winter
Nitori heating equipment that is effective in saving electricity bills

Nitori heating products recommended for saving on electricity bills

The key to saving money on your electricity bill in the winter is your heater. By installing the heating equipment introduced in this article, you can save on electricity bills and stay warm during the cold winter. If you are worried about your winter electricity bill or want to spend the cold winter as comfortably as possible, please read this article to the end.

* The products featured in this article refer to the manufacturer's official information as of December 2023 * Prices are based on the manufacturer's information and include tax.

A wearable blanket with a washable USB hood that is easy to move

Nitori's Wearable Blanket
Image taken from official website

Nitori's washable USB hooded blanket is an electric blanket that you can literally wear. It is shaped like a layer and has buttons, so you can keep warm while beating the cold wind. It has 4 temperature settings and a timer that turns it off every hour, so you can use it comfortably and with peace of mind. Furthermore, it supports charging with a USB cord, so you won't have to drag it around like a blanket when you move.

Price: 4,990 yen Power consumption: 10W (maximum)
*Online limited item

“Electric Anka Flat Type” improves cold feet

Electric foot warmer to improve coldness of feet
Image taken from official website

Nitori's electric anka is a heating product that will keep your feet warm just by putting it in your futon. Your feet get cold easily and can cause swelling. By using an electric foot warmer, you can sleep comfortably while keeping your feet from getting cold. The power consumption is 60W, and the electricity bill per hour is less than 2 yen, so it is effective for saving on electricity bills. This product is recommended for people who tend to get cold feet.

Price: 1,990 yen Power consumption: 60W

"Cold air stop board" that shuts out cold air

Shut out cold air and stop cold air
Image taken from official website

Nitori's cold air stop board can be attached to windows to block cold air. In the winter, it is said that as much as 58% of the heat goes in and out through windows, which is where the warm indoor air escapes. Simply attaching a cold air stop board to the window will heat the room efficiently, leading to savings on heating costs. The great thing about it is that it can be cut and used, and it's also affordable, as it can be purchased for less than 500 yen.

Price: 499 yen Size (approx.): Width 100 x Height 45 cm x Thickness 6 mm

Ideal for people living alone: ​​``Hot carpet with quick heating function for 1 tatami mat''

Hot carpets for single occupancy
Image taken from official website

The hot carpet with quick heating function for 1 tatami mat is equipped with a quick heating function and an energy saving mode. The best part is that the size is 1 tatami mat, which is perfect for people living alone. Those who wish to watch TV while sitting on the floor can do so while staying warm on the hot carpet. It comes with an 8-hour auto-off timer to prevent you from forgetting to turn it off.

Price: 5,490 yen Size (approx.): Approximately 1 tatami mat

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