Nitori Deco Home "Striped Eggs" goods

Nitori Decohome "Striped Egg Goods"

Nitori Decohome offers winter items such as bedding covers, wearable blankets, and kotatsu quilts in the "Striped Egg Goods" lineup. The lineup also includes "N-Warm" products.

The "striped naga," a wild bird native to Hokkaido, is also known as the "snow fairy" for its fluffy white feathers and round silhouette. Nitori Deco Home is currently selling a total of 27 types of shimae naga goods. The cute, rounded, and curious expressions on their faces will add a touch of color to any room in your home.

Below is a sampling of some of the items available. Detailed product information can be found on Nitori's official website.

Kotatsu comforter, square (N-warm

, Striped Egg)
Nitori Deco Home "Kotatsu Comforter Square (N-Warm Shimaenaga)

The N-Warm kotatsu comforter is a winter staple. The moisture-absorbing fabric and heat-storing function keep warm air in. It is soft, moist, and comfortable to use during the cold season. The backing fabric has an antibacterial and deodorant finish to suppress odors. Can be machine-washed in a household washing machine using a laundry net. The size is approximately 190 x 190 cm, and the price is 3,990 yen.

Wearable blanket (N-warm Striped E

Nitori Decohome Wearable Blanket

A wearable blanket with a striped egret pattern, a standard warmth of the N-Warm brand. Machine washable. One size fits all, approximately 120 cm in length, priced at 2,490 yen.

Room Shoes (Striped Eggplant

Nitori Deco Home "Room Shoes (Shimaena)

Room shoes with a striped egret appliquéd on them. Machine washable. Available in two colors: gray and purple. Sizes are L (25-27 cm) for gray and M (23-25 cm) for purple. Priced at 799 yen each.

Mochimochi Cushion Shimaenaga

Nitori Deco Home "Mochimochi Cushion Shimaenaga

A chewy cushion with a soft and chewy texture. Size: 25 cm (width) x 31 cm (depth) x 25 cm (height). 1,490 yen.

Drawstring pouch (Striped Enaga)

Nitori Deco Home "Drawstring Pouch (Striped Enaga)

Cute striped dolphin pouch. Size: 20 cm (width) X 14 cm (depth) X 17 cm (height). 599 yen.

Smartphone cushion (St

riped Enaga)
Nitori Deco Home "Smartphone Cushion (Shimaena)

A fluffy to touch cushion of a zebra finch on which you can place your smartphone or tablet. It can be placed both horizontally and vertically. Size: 13 cm (width) X 19 cm (depth) X 15 cm (height). 1,290 yen.

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