New product “PC Cushion Chikawa Study Together!”

New product “PC Cushion Chikawa Study Together!”

From the Bandai Life Division's "PC Cushion" series that supports PC work, "PC Cushion Chiikawa Study Together!", modeled after Chikawa studying hard for the "Weeding Test", will be on sale. The price is 6,820 yen (tax included/shipping and handling fees not included). Now accepting reservations.

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PC Cushion Chikawa Study together!

A collaboration between a stuffed toy-shaped PC cushion and "Chiikawa", it is based on the study scene from "Weeding Test", which is popular in Chiikawa's episode, saying, "Seeing her studying so hard makes me want to cheer her on!" This set includes a plush cushion and armrest, perfect for long hours of PC work at home or in the office.It has a 3-way design (cushion when armrest is worn, armrest alone, cushion alone) that can be used depending on the occasion. The stuffed animal cushion itself is cute and voluminous, and can be decorated or hugged for comfort. Chikawa is holding a ``pencil'' and has a sharp and motivated expression on her face.

New product “PC Cushion Chikawa Study Together!”

The armrest is reversible. The surface is a design of a reference book for the ``Weeding Test''. The back side has a lively keyboard design with lots of Chikawa studying hard in the episode ``Weeding Test''.

Product size Stuffed toy type cushion Height approx. 47cm x Width approx. 35cm x Depth approx. 25cm
Armrest width approx. 50cm x depth approx. 10cm
Product material: polyester, synthetic rubber, UP

(C)nagano / chiikawa committee