Nitori “Puff Cover”

Nitori “Puff Cover”

“Puff Cover” will be on sale from late November 2023 at some Nitori stores and Nitori Net. A new interior item that can also be used as a footrest or side table.


pouf cover

Poufs are attracting attention as interior items that are both stylish and highly practical. This cushion stool originates from Morocco and features a cute round shape and thick design.It is recommended not only as an accent to your room, but also as a practical floor cushion.

Nitori “Puff Cover”

At Nitori, we want to make your time at home stylish and comfortable, so we have started selling pouffe covers that are versatile, convenient, and cute. By combining it with the nude beaded sofa sold by Nitori, you can create a stool with a solid square shape and thick fabric. It can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as as a cushion or backrest when relaxing on the floor, as a footrest (ottoman) when sitting on a sofa, or as a simple side table.

Nitori “Puff Cover”

Pouf cover (PF-K01CF IV)

Nitori Pouf Cover (PF-K01CF IV)

Price: From 3,990 yen (tax included, same below)
Size: width 39cm x depth 39cm x height 39cm
Color: ivory

Leather-like pouf cover stool type (PF-K02GB BK)

Nitori Leather-like pouf cover stool type (PF-K02GB BK)

Price: From 3,990 yen
Size: width 50cm x depth 50m x height 30cm
Color: black

Pouf cover (PF-K03 to 06 types) * Nitori Net limited

Nitori Pouf Cover (PF-K03~06 various) * Nitori Net Limited

Price: From 4,990 yen
Size: width 39cm x depth 39m x height 39cm
Color: ivory, gray, yellow

*Please be sure to use the pouf cover over the separately sold "Bead Sofa Standard Body (5,990 yen including tax)".

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