Le Creuset Japon will launch its new Le Creuset Bridal collection on June 1, 2012.

Le Cre

uset Japon



Bridal Collection

Le Creuset Japon (2-2-9 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo) has announced the new "Le Creuset Bridal" collection for the bridal season. The new line will be available from June 1.

Wide range of lineup completely renew

ed Le Creuset's popular standard series "Le Creuset Bridal" has now been extensively renewed. This has resulted in a more stylish and user-friendly lineup.

Stoneware for a special


Stoneware, the perfect gift to celebrate a new beginning, comes in a lineup of light colors that match a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese settings. The popular "Coastal Blue" color in particular will be available in a wide range of items.

A special

color associated with "

Something Blue" The "Coastal Blue," which is based on the old European saying "Something Blue," is a special color that symbolizes eternal happiness at weddings. It is attracting attention as an item suitable for the start of a happy life.

New product lineup

The new Le Creuset Bridal lineup, including the new bridal set, will be available at the official online store, Le Creuset stores, and department stores and specialty stores nationwide.

Product lineup - STONEWARE

Léger Tea Time Set: 11,000 (tax included) - Pot [550ml (18.6us fl oz)], Cup [250ml (8.45us fl oz) each] Heart Dish (S) (2 pieces): 3,300 (tax included) - 200ml (6.76us fl oz) each Pair of Short Tumblers: 3,300 (tax included) - 210ml (7.1us fl oz) each Léger tableware set: 11,000 (incl. tax) - Léger round dish 25 cm, Léger dish 13 cm ramekins d'amour with lid: 2,970 (incl. tax) - 180 ml Léger plate 18 cm bridal set (2 plates): 5,500 (incl. tax) Léger Bowl 330ml (11.16us fl oz) bridal set (set of 2): 5,500 (tax incl.) Léger Bowl 500ml (16.91us fl oz) bridal set (set of 2): 6,600 (tax incl.) Chopsticks & cutlery rest set (set of 2): 5,500 (tax incl.)

Product line - CAST IRON (continued)

Signature Cocotte Ronde 18cm: 31,900 (tax included) Signature Cocotte Ronde 20cm: 35,200 (tax included) Cocotte Every 18: 28,600 (tax included) EOS Casserole 18cm: 11,000 (tax included)

Le Creuset Japon will launch its new Le Creuset Bridal collection on June 1, 2012.

Le Creuset Japon to launch new "Le Creuset Bridal" collection on June 1 - a diverse lineup to bring happiness" Image 3