How to preserve rice cakes Popular and easy to arrange recipes (how to make) Summary

How to preserve "Mochi" Popular easy-to-arrange recipes (how to make

) Summary

Check how to freeze and preserve "Mochi" and popular easy-to-arrange recipes (how to make) all in one place! Add it to takikomi gohan (cooked rice) or make crispy rice crackers. Enjoy a different way of eating mochi.


and storing rice cakes Mildew easily grows on them. How to freeze and store rice cakes to help you freeze rice cakes that are prone to mold. We also show you how to cook rice cakes in a microwave oven or toaster oven after preservation. Click on the links for more information.

1. Wrap each piece in plastic wrap. The key is to make sure they are tightly adhered.
2. Place in a freezer bag and seal after removing air from inside.
3. Place in the freezer.
4. When ready to eat, remove plastic wrap, dip in water, and microwave (600W) each cut rice cake for about 1 minute. If using a toaster oven, defrost before baking.

How to freeze and store rice cakes

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Mochi Popular Easy-to-Arrange Recipes (How to make)

Mochi Rice

Cooked with

Rice Arrangement


: Slice the rice cake thinly and cook it with rice and other ingredients. The rice cake melts and mixes with the rice, giving the rice a chewy texture as if it were made with glutinous rice.

Mochi no takikomi gohan arranged recipe

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-- a great way to use leftover rice cakes! Recipe for "Mochi Pizza" to make use of leftover rice cakes to make use of leftover rice cakes. It is easy to make using a toaster oven. Simply coat the mochi with pizza sauce, top with bacon, green peppers, and cheese, and bake in a toaster oven.

Recipe "Mochi Pizza

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Rice Cake

Rice Cake

A recipe for rice crackers using rice cakes. Recipes for rice crackers made from mochi (sticky rice cake). After drying, simply heat in a microwave oven. The rice cake has a light and fluffy texture because it contains a lot of air due to its expansion. Because some hard parts may remain due to uneven heating, it is recommended to chew the rice cake slowly.

Recipe for rice crackers using rice cakes

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Rice Cake with

Butter and Soy S

auce Butter Soy Sauce Rice Cake Recipe The recipe for "Butter Soy Sauce Rice Cake" is as follows. Crispy and savory, it tastes like a donut. We recommend sprinkling cinnamon sugar or curry powder on top of the mochi instead of soy sauce.

Butter Soy Sauce Rice Cake Recipe

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Mochi Okonomiyaki-style Arrangement

Introducing an Okonomiyaki-style arrangement of mochi. This is a delicious and satisfying dish made with plenty of cabbage and cheese. Just heat in a microwave oven for about 3 minutes.

Okonomiyaki style arrangement of rice cake

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A twist on oshiruko, a classic winter treat, made with amazake (sweet sake)! Recipe for Amazake Shiruko Amazake Shiruko" recipe is introduced. It is a great way to enjoy the sweetness while cutting back on sugar.

Recipe for "Amazake Shiruko

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