Lion's Living Care Institute conducted a survey on the actual conditions of use when renting toilets at the homes visited. The result was announced. About half say they are reluctant to touch the toilet seats in other people's homes.

■ 1. About 60% of people "clean the toilet" before the visitor "more carefully than usual"
Looking at the results of 500 women in response to the question "Do you clean the toilet when you invite people to your home?", About 90% clean the toilet before the visitor, and nearly 60% of them clean the toilet. He answered that he was doing "more careful cleaning than usual". It seems that keeping the "toilet" used by customers clean is considered to be the basis of hospitality.

■ 2. Half of the people are psychologically reluctant to touch the toilet seat of the home they visit.
Approximately half of the respondents answered "I have resistance" to the question "Are you reluctant to touch (sit directly) the toilet seat when using the Western-style toilet at a friend's or acquaintance's house?" About 7% of the respondents answered that they were "very resistant".

When asked why, the top reasons were "I'm worried about bacteria and dirt" and "Because an unspecified number of people are touching it." "Anxiety" about invisible bacteria and dirt seems to be the cause of psychological resistance to touching the toilet seat outside of home.

■ 3.4 One in four people "wipe with toilet paper" before using the toilet they visit!
When asked "Are you doing anything before using the Western-style toilet at your friend's or acquaintance's house?", Those who answered "What are you doing before using it?" Was present in nearly 40%.

The most common response was "Wipe with toilet paper." In addition, there were also answers such as "use toilet paper or special paper on the toilet seat" and "lift your hips so that they do not touch your skin."

■ 4. Men who sit at home can also stand at other homes! ??
When I asked a man, "Do you stand in the bathroom at home and at a friend / acquaintance's house? Do you sit down?" The result was that there were more. It is believed that some men who add small tasks in the "sitting" style at home are in the "standing" style in the toilets of the homes they visit. Lion's Living Care Institute says this may be a manifestation of resistance to touching the toilet seat.

■ 5. Approximately 30% of those who have experienced some discomfort after using the toilet by visitors "Please tell me the items that your friends and acquaintances have experienced discomfort after using the toilet at home." In response to the question, "urine splash", "smell", and "water droplets" were mentioned.

The survey was conducted in August 2015, targeting 1,000 men and women in their 20s and 60s.

Lion's Living Care Institute cites the following three points for cleaning the toilet when welcoming guests.

1. Don't forget to wipe the front and back of the toilet seat as well as clean the inside of the toilet bowl.
2. Check for hair that has fallen on the floor and dust that is within reach. Wipe it off quickly
3. Children touch areas that adults do not expect, so be sure to clean the edges of the toilet bowl and the outside of the toilet seat.