The floating light bulb " Flyte " will go on sale in Japan from December 1st. Marche Aozora, which handles miscellaneous goods, will be on sale.

"Flyte" is a light bulb that floats in the air due to magnetic force. It is expected not only as a lighting fixture but also as an "IT interior" that attracts and entertains the attention of many people.

Full of gimmicks as an "IT interior". For example, to turn the power on / off, just touch the base installed under the light bulb. It has both a neat design and a mechanism to entertain visitors to the room.

The power supply to the light bulb conforms to the standard used for charging smartphones. Therefore, it is possible to charge smartphones that comply with the standard. When a visitor asks you to charge your smartphone, you can quickly remove the light bulb, place your smartphone there and start charging, and that's a bit of a story.

The price is a little higher at 51,840 yen (including consumption tax). However, considering that the life of the LED is about 50,000 hours and it can be used for a long time, and that it has the properties of an IT interior including a smartphone charger, it may not be so high.

Please refer to the Marche Aozora website for details on how to purchase, variations of light bulbs, and sizes.