The outdoor equipment brand "DOPPEL GANGER OUTDOOR" has developed a mug-type ice pack "Biakin" exclusively for beer. We are looking for supporters on the crowdfunding site "Makuake" for commercialization.

"Biakin" is an ice pack designed to cool beer to kinkin. Achieves high cooling efficiency because it adheres to the beer can.

The cube-shaped shape fits easily in a cooler box and can be used to cool foods other than beer.

It can also be used as a beer can holder, and you can drink it as it is without removing the beer can from "Biakin". It can also be used in situations where beer tends to be slimy, such as drinking beer while grilling a barbecue.

In crowdfunding, you can get two "Biakin" with an investment of 2,600 yen. In addition, there are 4 investment courses available with an investment of 4,800 yen. Shipping is scheduled around July 2016.

Europeans say that Japanese people are too particular about cold beer. From their point of view, they want them to understand the taste of lukewarm beer.

That said, I want the beer to be cold when camping. I have a hard time setting up a tent, and after grilling meat and vegetables while sweating on the side of the barbecue stove, I want to drink cold beer. "Biakin" will fulfill such a wish.