This article is for those who say, "I was so busy today that I missed April Fool's News."

King Jim announced on April 1 that it has developed "Tempura" PRO, which can fry tempura, on its official Twitter account.

"Tempura" PRO is an office product that makes freshly fried tempura as soon as you enter the ingredients you want to eat on the keyboard. If you are accustomed to making labels using Tepla, you can enjoy the popularity of tempura craftsmanship without training.

The following is a complete imagination, but like the conventional Tepla, it is thought that the "Tempura" PRO has a PC link function that can be used by connecting to a personal computer. With this feature, wireless LAN may allow "Tempura" PRO to be shared within the office. It is also possible to operate the "Tempura" PRO from a smartphone or the like on the go and immediately pick up the hot tempura when returning to work.

This is also a complete imagination, but the conventional Tepra has a function that allows you to create labels in English, Chinese, and Korean using the "Tepra Foreign Language Label Studio" on the Web. In the future, "Tempura" PRO may provide a function that allows you to cook overseas dishes other than tempura.

The tweet informing about the development of "Tempura" PRO has already been retweeted more than 16,000 times at the time of writing this article, and has been receiving a great deal of attention.

(This article is a lie news of April Fool's Day, but the shrimp heaven that is output while steaming from "Tempura" PRO looks really delicious.)