Nitori Christmas products for 2023


Christmas 2023 Products Christmas 2023 products have been on sale at all Nitori stores and on Nitori Net since September 25. A number of items are on sale to answer such concerns as "I don't have space for a tree" and "I'm worried about the electricity bill for decorations."

Below is a partial selection of recommended products.

Half Tree

Nitori "Half Tree

Half trees, which are half the size of a traditional tree, can be attached perfectly to the wall to make the room more spacious. It can be displayed in places where you wanted to decorate a Christmas tree but couldn't or didn't because of space issues. Since it is semi-circular, it has the same presence as a regular Christmas tree when viewed from the front.

Nitori "Half Tree

This year, in addition to the snow-covered "snow type," a "green type" has been added to the lineup to prevent branches and leaves and snow from falling to the floor. This is recommended for households that want to place another tree not only in the living room, but also in the entryway. Prices start at 3,990 yen.

Wall-hung tree that can also stand on its own

Nitori "Wall-mounted tree that also stands on its own

Using a wall surface solves the space problem. Since it is a wall-hung type tree, there is no need to worry about it tipping over or being tampered with. It is also safe for households with small children or pets. It can be easily displayed in various places such as the entrance, hallway, bathroom, and washroom. This year, a freestanding type has been added. It can also be displayed as a miniature tabletop tree, making it a great addition to any setting. Prices start at 1,990 yen.

Pre-lit tree

Nitori "Pre-lit tree

Nitori "Pre-lit tree

While decorating a Christmas tree with children is exciting, some say it can be a bit of a hassle. In response to such voices, we have developed a pre-lit tree with electric decorations set into the tree from the start. Not only does this eliminate the time and effort required to wrap the decorations neatly around the tree, but it also makes it easy to create a Christmas tree of a higher level of perfection by attaching the decorations in the optimal position. Of course, it is also easy to clean up. Prices start at 7,990 yen.

Solar LED Electric Decorations

Nitori "Solar LED light display

This outdoor electric decoration item allows you to enjoy Christmas outside. The solar-powered LED ornaments are rechargeable, so you don't have to pay for electricity. By decorating the terrace connected to the living room, you can enjoy your own Christmas illumination from inside the house.

Nitori "Solar LED light display

The lineup includes "Snowman" (799 yen), "Round Santa" (4,990 yen), and "Spiral Tree" (7,990 yen).