Four new designs have been added to the kit "Kyun to the line of sight! Cross-stitch Nyanko" that draws cats with cross-stitch. Felissimo Cat Club will be on sale.

This product is a cross-stitch kit that is a design of the model cat recruited by the Felissimo Cat Club. You can even reproduce the facial expressions and fur of cute cats.

The designs added this time are as follows.

◆ Azuki-chan and Mugi-chan who are good friends in "LOVE ∞ LOVE"

Nanahan's cat, "Azuki" (left) and "Mugi" (right), who live in Chiba prefecture. It's about 10 days since I came to Nanahan-sama's house. It's like when I fell asleep after playing with two of them.

◆ Both face and princess "Manmaru Nyanko ♪" Namarimo-chan

Marimo's cat, "Marimo", who lives in Hokkaido. He is good at looking at the camera. The charming points are the round face, the princess, and the collar of the butterfly tie.

◆ "After playing ..." Toro-chan with round eyes

"Sumomo."'S cat and "Toro" who live in Ehime prefecture. It seems that he is getting tired of playing and resting relaxedly. The fluffy hair and round eyes that are typical of Norwegian Forest Cat are cute.

◆ Hana who looks back and "fires a kitten beam"

"Hana", the cat of "aco cat" who lives in Saitama prefecture. Cross-stitch based on a photo taken around the age of one month. A few weeks later, he was given a foster parent.

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