Washing sheets air mat

Many people started their new life in April, rented an apartment in a new city, and started living alone. It was around the time that such a person could make friends at a new school or workplace, and those friends would come to play in the room.

In such a case, Doppelganger Outdoor's "Washing Sheets Air Mat" is convenient. An air mat with sheets that can be washed completely.

The whole-wash sheets air mat is a double size that allows two adults to lie down.

This product is an outdoor product originally used in camping. However, the sheets are made of the same 100% cotton material as the general mattress cover, and the finish is comfortable even when used indoors.

100% cotton sheets are soft and silky
It feels good!

The natural color looks are also one of the nice points. It's not really an outdoor coloring like green or orange, so it blends into the interior of the room.

Air mat with outdoor coloring
A really good example: The coloring that is fun outdoors is a little like that when it's indoors.

Not only looks but also easy to use. The sponge is 4.5 cm thick, 1.5 times thicker than usual, and provides a comfortable sleep with less bottoming.

4.5 cm thick mat
4.5 cm thick mat with no bottoming feeling (so much)!

By the way, although it is good to use the air mat, many people say that it is troublesome to put it away. If you roll it around while bleeding air, for some reason you can't roll it straight and it will roll up to a huge size that won't fit in the storage bag.

The "Washing Sheets Air Mat" has a "storage support button" that allows you to wind the mat straight. By rolling while fastening this button, you can wrap the mat neatly and fit it comfortably in the storage bag.

Storage support button
If your heart is straight, you can also roll the air mat straight.

Easy storage
Good job!

By the way, you who think "I don't have any friends to stay". No, my friends suddenly come to stay. It's surprising that people come to stay at the drinking party.

In such a case, it would be difficult if there was only one set of futons. If the other person is of the opposite sex, it may mean something else, but if you are a friend of the same sex, sleeping on one futon is quite unpleasant. It's the worst if you have alcohol and your sleep is stinking. However, I couldn't give up the futon to my friend, and in the end, my friend talked about using a mattress and myself using a comforter and sleeping curled up.

It's fun to negotiate like that around 2am. However, it would be much smoother to have a "Washing Sheets Air Mat" and give it to your friends.

"Washing sheets air mat" storage size
Gently sneak into the closet ...

Camping equipment is convenient, isn't it? Even if the gas is turned off, you can easily cook with a stove. Even if the electricity is turned off, you can spend a bright night with a lantern. Even if the water supply is stopped ... (Hereafter, omitted).

The price is 10,400 yen (excluding consumption tax). It seems that you can purchase it at Amazon.co.jp or Rakuten.