Seal with illustration of cat "Pushing cat"

"Pushing cat", a stamp with an illustration of a cat, is now on sale from Bunyo-do. A special seal for cat lovers.

Seal with illustration of cat "Pushing cat" Black buffalo type
"Pushing cat" stamp with illustration of cat is on sale

"Pushing cat" is a stamped ship with an illustration of a cat engraved in addition to your name (up to 3 characters). By pressing it, you can appeal to the people around you that you like cats.

You can choose from 6 types of name typefaces and 11 types of cat illustrations. Typefaces range from traditional and slightly rigid to pop.

"Pushing cat" typeface list
Name typeface can be selected from 6 types

Illustrations include cats begging for rice and cats that have become quiet after being grabbed by the back of their neck. Even if it contains an illustration, it can be used as a bank registration stamp or a delivery stamp.

List of all 11 types of "pushing cat" illustrations
Fishing cat is cute!

The size is a slightly larger 15 mm circle so that you can carve a cat's illustration beautifully. Two types are available, a black buffalo type and a Kamitsuge (Akane) type. Comes with a cow fir seal case.

Beef fir seal case for "pushing cat"
"Pushing cat" black buffalo type stored in a cow fir seal case

You can purchase it at the online shop "Laughing Hall" operated by Bunyo-do. The price is 2,500 yen for the black buffalo type and 2,000 yen for the Kamitsuge (Akane) type (all prices include consumption tax).

"Pushing cat" Kamitsuge (Akane) type
"Pushing cat" Kamitsuge (Akane) type