Automatic laundry folding device "Foldi Mate"

The fully automatic washing machine is very convenient. But can we call it "fully automatic"? There has been an argument for a long time. Isn't it possible to call it "fully automatic" for the first time by drying, taking in, and folding after washing? The washer / dryer will do the drying, but it won't fold it.

Housewife tired of a lot of laundry
Ah, every day, every day ...

"Foldi Mate" is an automatic laundry folding machine. It is a product that brings the washing machine one step closer to a truly "fully automatic" washing machine.

Appearance of automatic laundry folding device "Foldi Mate"
Automatic laundry folding machine "FoldiMate" The first step towards a true fully automatic washing machine?

However, there are some points that are a little worrisome as a product. There are some types of laundry that require human hands, albeit slightly, and that are not currently available.

To have the "Foldi Mate" fold the laundry, pinch the laundry in the clip on the front. Then, the laundry is taken inside and automatically folded. A steam sprayer option can also be installed to smooth out wrinkles in the laundry. Wrinkle-free shirts and T-shirts may be worn without an iron. This may be a nice feature.

Procedure for using the automatic laundry folding device "FoldiMate" 1
If you put the laundry in the clip on the front of "Foldi Mate"

Procedure 2 for using the automatic laundry folding device "FoldiMate"
Laundry is taken in inside

Automatic laundry folding device "FoldiMate" specification procedure 3
Dexterously folded by the bar

Automatic laundry folding device "FoldiMate" specification procedure 5
All shirts are folded to the same size for easy stacking

Automatic laundry folding device "Foldi Mate" optional steam
Use steam to smooth out wrinkles as needed

Procedure for using the automatic laundry folding device "FoldiMate" 5
Pushed out from the lower door

The point that requires human hands is the process of pinching the laundry by hand in the above-mentioned clip. "FoldiMate can halve the time it takes to fold the laundry," said Foldimate, the developer. However, I feel that there are many people who say, "I can fold it while sandwiching it."

"Foldi Mate" clip
Put the laundry in the purple clip. It may be troublesome to put it in two places exactly.

Another point of concern is the type of laundry that can be folded. It seems to be limited to shirts, trousers, and towels. For example, you cannot fold pants or socks. These will still be folded by hand.

Examples of how to fold socks and tights
Socks and tights can't be put together like this

Shirts, trousers and towels can only be folded, but the size is quite large. With a width of 71 x height of 81 x depth of 79 cm, it is about the size of a dryer (weight is about 30 kg). With only this function, this size. Aside from the United States, it may be difficult for Japanese families.

Automatic laundry folding device "Foldi Mate" size feeling
Can you convey this feeling of size? Can this be placed in the bathroom of your home?

However, it is a fact that we are one step closer to a fully automatic washing machine. With this as a foothold, I pray that the development of a truly "fully automatic washing machine" will accelerate, "if you throw it in the washing machine, it will be washed, dried, folded, and stored in a chest of drawers." prize.

Personally, I've always wanted a robot vacuum cleaner that automatically cleans the bathroom and toilet, but is there any manufacturer that is developing this? There is also a "fully automatic grinder (?)" That will wash your body while you are immersed in the bathtub. I think that if you can do these things, your life will be much easier. Does Softbank's robot Pepper have such a function?

Softbank, Pepper
"I'm sorry, that function is not installed."

Lastly, to mention a little about the specifications, it seems that about 15 to 20 pieces of laundry can be clipped at a time. It takes about 10 seconds to fold each piece of laundry, and it takes about 20 to 30 seconds to smooth out wrinkles. Pre-order is scheduled to start in 2017. The price is around $ 700 to $ 850, and the steam spray option will be around $ 200 to $ 300.