"Hello Kitty Bank" version of "Naughty BANK"

"Hello Kitty Bank" will go on sale in September 2016. The first renewal product of the "Naughty BANK" series, in which cute characters save money electrically.

"Naughty BANK" is a piggy bank created with the concept of "enjoying savings". When you place a coin on the plate above the cardboard box, animals and characters will appear from inside the box to hide the coin. It also has a function that animals and characters cry before they appear and after they hide.

"Naughty BANK" which is popular overseas
"Naughty BANK", which is also popular overseas, "Nyaa-n ♪"

In this renewal, improvements in operation, enhancement of quietness, addition of rare voices, etc. have been made. "Hello Kitty Bank" will be the first renewal version.

Renewal version of "Naughty BANK" with improved operation, enhanced quietness, and addition of rare voices
How about the grapes in the Neko Neko Orchard?

The packaging at "Hello Kitty Bank" and the Hello Kitty design on the front of the main unit all adopt the old-fashioned design. It is based on the image of "Petit Perth," which is said to be the first Hello Kitty character goods released in 1975.

"Hello Kitty Bank" operation overview

The price is 2,980 yen (excluding consumption tax). It can be purchased at domestic toy and miscellaneous goods stores and sales sites.

"Naughty BANK" series panda biscuits
Oh? Do you have a panda too?