"Tsuba coaster" with the motif of the Japanese sword brim

The rubber coaster "Tsuba Coaster" with the motif of the Japanese sword brim will be on sale from Kotobukiya in August. The first in the "Samurai Dining Table" series by the company.

There are 4 types of "tsuba coasters". "Oda Nobunaga," "Toyotomi Hideyoshi," "Tokugawa Ieyasu," and "Sanada Yukimura" are available. It can be said that it is a long-awaited product not only for fans of these Sengoku warlords, but also for those who have some kind of resentment personally. For example, Toyotomi can purchase a "Tokugawa Ieyasu" coaster and lay a part of the sword, which can be said to be the soul of the samurai, under the glass.

"Tsuba coaster" Tokugawa Ieyasu version
This is the "Tokugawa Ieyasu" coaster. Don't you forget about the Siege of Osaka? (C) KOTOBUKIYA

A brim coaster where you can lay a military commander and drink tea. "
This is Oda Nobunaga's version, Mr. Akechi from all over the country, please wait! (C) KOTOBUKIYA

In the Oda Nobunaga version, the "Eiraku Senjo Crest Silver Elephant Eye" named after the prayer for victory at Atsuta Jingu, and in the Toyotomi Hideyoshi version, the "Kirimon Toru Daisetsu" with the Toyotomi family crest paulownia crest, which is said to have been given by the Emperor, is Tokugawa. The Ieyasu version was made with the motif of his beloved sword "Yukiwa Shikataken Toru Tetsutetsu", and the Sanada Yukimura version was made with the motif of "Rokumonsen" which was also used for his own flag and family crest.

"Tsuba coaster" Sanada Yukimura version
Sanada Yukimura's version of "Rokumonsen", the ferry of the Sanzu River, isn't it? (C) KOTOBUKIYA

The selling price is 500 yen each (excluding tax). You can purchase it at Tsuya's online shop.