Backpack "Bobby" that is less likely to be pickpocketed

On the London and New York subways, we see people wearing backpacks and bags in front of their bodies and holding them firmly with both hands. This is an action to avoid pickpocket damage.

People holding backpacks in front of them to avoid pickpocketing
An example of a person holding a "back" pack in the "front" to avoid pickpocket damage. Hold the bag firmly in front of you.

The back pocket opens easily with a zipper. And even if you put your hand in this pocket, you often don't know. For this reason, backpacks are easy targets for pickpockets.

In crowds, backpacks are prone to pickpocket prey
Reference image: In crowds, backpacks are a prey for pickpockets

"Bobby" is a backpack that reduces the chances of pickpocketing. When the criminal sees "Bobby" from behind, he gives up on pickpocketing.

Backpack "Bobby" that is less likely to be pickpocketed
When the pickpocket sees "Bobby" from behind, "Bobby" is devised to give up the execution of the pickpocket.

Backpack pockets are usually attached to the outside. From the perspective of the pickpocket perpetrator, this is a structure that makes it easy to steal the contents.

Regular backpack pockets are easy to pickpocket
Reference image: The zipper on the backpack opens easily, so it is easily damaged by pickpockets (left image).

But in Bobby, this pocket was attached to the side that was in close contact with the back. This makes it difficult for pickpockets to reach out.

"Bobby" attached to the position where the pocket is in close contact with the back
In "Bobby", the pocket is attached to the inside that is in close contact with the back (right image), and the sub-pocket for storing smartphones etc. (left image) has a structure that makes it difficult for pickpockets to reach out.

Inside pockets are used to store airline tickets and passports. Beside the pocket, there is a sub-pocket that is easy to access even with a backpack on your back. Items that are frequently taken in and out, such as smartphones, are stored here.

The shoulder strap also has a dedicated card pocket such as an IC card. It can be taken out smoothly without having to search inside the bag.

IC card holder on the shoulder strap
In Japan, store Suica etc. here

In addition, the zipper of the backpack body is also hidden so that it cannot be seen from the outside so that it cannot be easily opened while carrying it.

"Bobby" with a device that makes it difficult to open the main zipper
The slider of the main fastener was also hidden

The pickpocket perpetrator looks at people from behind and changes the target if he decides that he is unlikely to succeed. Although the "Bobby" was a little ingenuity, it can be said that it is enough ingenuity to give up the pickpocket perpetrator.

Even if you are distracted by your smartphone, you are unlikely to be pickpocketed
I'm crazy about smartphones and there are lots of gaps, but aren't they subject to pickpocketing?

In addition, "Bobby" is also equipped with a battery for charging smartphones. When walking in overseas cities, there are many cases where smartphone maps are used. In such a case, it would be encouraging to have this battery.

"Bobby" smartphone charging cable
Equipped with a battery for charging smartphones

The developer, XD Design, accepts pre-orders on Indiegogo. At the time of this writing, a gray or blue "Bobby" is available for $ 56. The price after the launch will be around $ 80. Shipment is scheduled for November 2016.

"Bobby" color variation
I want you to do something a little more with the design!