eva solo「MyFlavour carafe」
Carafe that can design the process of making

"Flavored water" that you can enjoy by putting water, fruits and herbs in a bottle and transferring the flavor of the ingredients. The number of people who make handmade products for beauty and hospitality has increased.

"My Flavor carafe" sold by eva solo in Denmark is a carafe with a stick on the cap. By sticking herbs and fruits on the stick, you can beautifully design the process of making flavored water. The contents are irresistible at the bottom, so it seems convenient to take out.

eva solo「MyFlavour carafe」
I didn't have this idea!

eva solo「MyFlavour carafe」
Is there a surprising sense ...?

Despite its slim design with a diameter of about 8 cm and a height of 28.2 cm, it has plenty of capacity of 1 L. The spout has a structure that prevents dripping, and can be used as a carafe by removing the stick.

eva solo「MyFlavour carafe」
Structure with a strainer to prevent dripping

eva solo「MyFlavour carafe」
Detachable stick

The price on the official website is about 6,000 yen in Japanese yen, but since it was announced at an exhibition in Japan, it seems that it is about to land. It looks like a gift.

The company also sells a plastic bottle "Drinking Bottle" (3,800 yen excluding tax), which also has a simple design that makes the contents stand out. Why don't you try an original drink that you can enjoy with your eyes this summer?

eva solo「Drinking Bottle」
Mobile bottle with strap "Drinking Bottle"