SEGA TOYS "HOMESTAR Starry Sky Learning Set"
Starry sky, whether you live in the city or on a rainy day

From the SEGA TOYS home planetarium "HOMESTAR" series, the "HOMESTAR Starry Sky Learning Set" will be released on July 14th, which allows you to study the "stars and constellations" learned in elementary school in earnest. The price is 5,980 yen (excluding tax).

This product includes the optical planetarium "HOMESTAR Lite2" that can project about 10,000 stars, four constellation original plates with lines that allow you to enjoy the starry sky of the four seasons, Vixen's "high quality compass" and "planisphere", and Astro. A set of a guidebook "Explanation of the Starry Sky of the Four Seasons" specially edited by Arts. While deepening the knowledge of the starry sky at home, it seems that you can observe the constellations using a compass or the planisphere under the actual night sky.

SEGA TOYS "HOMESTAR Starry Sky Learning Set"
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The projection range of HOMESTAR Lite2 is about 1.8m in diameter (when the projection distance to the ceiling is about 2m). It also has a 15-minute timer function, so you can enjoy the beautiful Milky Way and the Big Dipper before going to bed. The size is W116 x H120 x D116 mm.

In addition, according to the summer vacation season, the official questions (part) of "Astronomical Space Test" are being released on the official website of HOMESTAR. It can also be used as a free study during summer vacation.