Comparison of 4 newborn diaper manufacturers

Comparison of 4 newborn diaper manufacturers

When a baby arrives, one of the first things you may worry about is deciding which disposable diaper to use. Although there is no big difference in ease of use, the features and prices differ depending on the manufacturer, so you may be confused as to which diaper is right for your child.

So this time, we will compare disposable newborn diapers from four major manufacturers : Mary's (Kao), Pampers (P&G), GOO.N (Daio Paper), and Moony (Unicharm) . We have summarized the characteristics and price range of each product! At the end of the article, we also introduce recommendations from the editorial department.

*Product information and prices are as of November 30, 2023 *Price ranges are based on various mail order sites, etc.

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Mary's (Kao)

Mary's (Kao) disposable diapers

Merries, a diaper brand, will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2023. In addition to researching and analyzing babies' skin with dermatologists and pediatricians, we also researched the usage and demand for diapers in each country and developed them. We only use ingredients that have been confirmed to be safe for baby's skin. Before release, we always conduct multiple checks to confirm the safety, quality, and acceptability of our products.

The ``Fluffy Air Cushion'' is a cushion that contains a lot of air and gently wraps around your baby's bottom. In addition, the "block structure absorber" instantly pulls in urine and cuts away any remaining skin. Keeps your buttocks dry (* Adopted for tape type). We are also particular about breathability around the stomach area, creating an "air tunnel" to prevent stuffiness.

Lineup/Quantity/Price range

First Premium (tape type)
For newborns (~3,000g (0oz)) 40 pieces for around 990 yen to 1,140 yen For newborns (~5,000g (0oz)) for 66 pieces for around 1,500 yen

Air through the skin (tape type)
For newborns (~5,000g (0oz)) 76 pieces, around 1,500 yen

Pampers (P&G)

Pampers (P&G) disposable diapers

Pampers diapers were created in America in the 1950s. In collaboration with pediatricians, pediatric dermatologists, and safety experts, our products are made from materials that have been thoroughly evaluated and proven to be safe for babies. We are also developing a palm-sized diaper for babies with low birth weight, developed together with nurses working in the NICU.

Pampers diapers are made with soft, breathable materials to keep your baby's skin comfortable. Composed of multiple layers, the polymer absorbent material absorbs baby's urine. Keeps your skin smooth. The polymer absorbent material becomes gel-like when it absorbs water, but it will not cause any harm if it comes into contact with your skin. Additionally, skin-safe pigments are used to color the diapers.

Lineup/Quantity/Price range

Ichiban Tape for First Skin Newborns (~3,000g (0oz)) 24 pieces around 600 yen Newborns (~5,000g (0oz)) 60 pieces around 2,000 yen

Sarasara Care Tape Newborn (~5,000g (0oz)) 68 pieces around 2,000 yen

GOO.N/Goon (Daio Paper)

GOO.N/Goon (Daio Paper) disposable diapers

A diaper brand sold by Daio Paper Co., Ltd., which is well-known for its "Elleair" brand. Developed with academic guidance from dermatology experts. Additionally, 97% of doctors on AskDoctors rate that they would recommend the Goon Plus series (Survey period: September 2019). The cute Disney designs, such as Mickey and Winnie the Pooh, make changing diapers fun.

Goon Plus diapers contain the same moisturizing ingredients as ``Elleair Luxury Moisturizer'' in the top sheet that comes into contact with the baby's skin, reducing the burden of rubbing with a smooth texture. In addition, the new and improved "absorption spot" instantly absorbs loose poop and urine (*Newborn to M size). The specifications are now more gentle on the skin.

Lineup/Quantity/Price range

Goon Plus Sensitive skin design 3S size for newborn babies (1.8-3kg) 36 pieces around 900 yen Goon Plus Sensitive skin design Newborn size (~5kg) 76 pieces around 1,500 yen

Moony (Unicharm)

Moony (Unicharm) disposable diapers

Moony was born in 1981 as a completely domestic tape-type disposable diaper. In addition to being designed to prevent diapers from leaking at each stage of growth, the diapers are packed with many ideas to encourage the people who raise them.

Moony Natural contains no substances harmful to the body and is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the world's highest standard for safe textile products.It is additive-free and mildly acidic, making it gentle on baby's skin. It is made with particular attention to. Of course, it also has a safety design that prevents leakage, such as a stopper that protects against loose poop.

Lineup/Quantity/Price range

Moony Natural Tape Type For newborns (from birth to 3,000g (0oz)) 30 pieces for around 800 to 1,000 yen For newborns (from birth to 5,000g (0oz)) 62 pieces for around 1,400 to 1,700 yen

Moony tape type For newborns (from birth to 3,000g (0oz)) 64 pieces for around 1,300 yen For newborns (from birth to 5,000g (0oz)) 76 pieces for around 1,300 to 1,500 yen

What does the editorial department recommend?

Comparing 4 newborn disposable diaper companies

It turns out that all the manufacturers' disposable diapers are made with consideration to safety and gentleness on the baby's skin. If I were to choose one recommendation from the editorial department, it would be "Pampers First Tape for First Skin," which is often used in maternity hospitals. I felt that the product design and explanations showed consideration for not only all babies but also all moms and dads, and I got the impression that it was safe to use!

Of course, each baby is compatible, so it might be a good idea to consult your midwife or apply for a trial sampling of disposable diapers!

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