"Paper humidifier" with a pet motif

"Paper humidifier" that prevents black cats from drying out will be on sale from TAKI PRODUCTS this fall. A new version of the "paper humidifier" that can be used even in places where there is no power supply.

"Paper Humidifier" Kuroneko Design

"Paper humidifier" is a product that prevents the room from drying out by filling a dish you like with water and setting it there. A humidifying effect of about 30 times can be expected compared to the case where the dish is simply filled with water. This is useful when you want to humidify only your surroundings and do not want to affect other people, such as in an office.

"Paper Humidifier" Design Variation: Calico Cat

There are 8 designs. In addition to cats, raccoons and poodles are also available, all of which look like these animals have come to drink water.

"Paper Humidifier" Pet Variations: Raccoons and Dogs