"Stacking wooden drawer" usage example

The "Stacking Wooden Drawer" is a paulownia drawer with a cat's whiskers-shaped handle. With a size that can store eight popular "Nyan Nyan connection stamps" side by side, you can keep your desk neat and tidy.

"Stacking wooden drawer" handle part
A paulownia drawer with a handle shaped like a cat's whiskers "Stacking wooden drawer"

A cat with a fine beard
Reference image: Cat's whiskers

Nyan Nyan connection stamp
Reference image 2: Nyan Nyan connection stamp

As the name suggests, it can be used in layers. If you put stationery and miscellaneous goods such as masking tape, pens, stamps, etc. separately for each type, will your work efficiency be improved?

"Stacking wooden drawers" stacked and used

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"Stacking wooden drawer" size
Is it a little shallow?