Puppy robot "Meet CHiP"
"One One! (Become friends with me!)"

A puppy-shaped robot "Meet CHiP" that can be raised like a real puppy has landed in Japan. Reservations are currently being accepted at "+ Style" operated by Softbank.

Meet CHiP is a learning robot equipped with next-generation artificial intelligence. It seems that you can enjoy the process of forming your own personality and growing through the contents input from many sensors and communication with humans.

The main body is equipped with wheels that can move in all directions, front and back, left and right, and move around quickly in response to human voice. In addition, the person wearing the attached "smart band" can be recognized as the "owner" and can approach, chase after, or play with the attached smart ball.

Puppy robot "Meet CHiP"
Meet the owner's return home or chase after

Puppy robot "Meet CHiP"
You can also play with the ball!

Other features include a dedicated app that allows you to check your current mood and hunger, as well as a function that automatically returns to the smart bed (charging stand) and recovers when the power decreases.

Puppy robot "Meet CHiP"
(One who wants to play fast ...)

The main body size is W270 x D195 x H240 mm, and the weight is about 1.2 kg. The price is 29,800 yen (tax included). Since it is not waterproof, I want you to enjoy it as an "indoor dog". Shipping is scheduled for the end of September.

Click here to see how it moves around