Kenichi Morinaga's photo book "If you give up, it will work"

Kenichi Morinaga's photo book "If you give up, it will work" will be on sale on July 23rd. A book where you can fully enjoy the cats of Ainoshima called "Cat Island".

Kenichi Morinaga is a "traveling cat photographer" who has been shooting cats all over the world for over 20 years since the film camera era. I have photographed landscapes around the world such as Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, and the cats living there.

Example of work by Kenichi Morinaga
"Hinamatsuri cat", one of Kenichi Morinaga's works

The characteristic of Morinaga's cat photographs is that they have a "smell of travel." Not only cats but also views of islands and towns are shown in the pictures, and hints that can imagine the lives of cats (and people) living in the area are studded.

For example, take a look at the photos of dried horse mackerel and cats published in the photo gallery "January 2015-" published on the website by Mr. Morinaga. The horse mackerel is covered with a net on the top and bottom, so the cats can't reach out directly, but they sit there like a guard guarding the horse mackerel.

Fukuoka cat by Kenichi Morinaga
"It looks delicious ..."

Mr. Morinaga, who saw this scene, initially tried to steal the dried fish, but he gave up and appealed to the fishermen that he was working as a guard, and switched to a strategy to get rid of it. ?? It seems that it was imagined.

If there were no cats, it would end up with "delicious dried fish!" However, with a cat, you can feel the life of the people who live there and imagine various imaginations. This can be said to be the fun of Morinaga's photography.

Photobook "If you give up, it will work"
Withdrawal, addition ...

Morinaga's cat photo example
Dora cat with fish ♪ Chasing ♪♪

The photo book "If you give up, it will work" will be released this time by Mr. Morinaga, who photographed the cats of Ainoshima called "Cat Island". About 90% of the nearly 50 photos are Ainoshima cats. Below, I will introduce some of the works included in the photobook.

The first thing I would like to introduce is the kittens playing in the gutter. These children are hiding in a gutter to protect themselves from foreign enemies, but at the same time this gutter is also a playground. One of the games is "whac-a-mole". In the photo, another kitten finds a kitten that has a face out of the gutter lid and "touches the forehead." The kitten sitting behind and watching the situation is also cute.

Kenichi Morinaga's photo book "If you give up, it will work"

Cat photographer Morinaga's work example
"I'm over there!" (This photo is not included in the photobook)

The second one is two cats walking on the opposite side, split up and down like the up line and down line of a highway. "Is there a cat-like rule when walking here?" "Are these two cats not on good terms?"

Kenichi Morinaga's photo book "If you give up, it will work" Highway cat
"Is the service area still?"

Cats gather in sunny and warm places in winter, and in summer they are well-ventilated and cool places ... Of course, they also have good scenery. The above "cat highway (?)" Is a place where the sunset is beautiful, and some cats visit in the evening to look at the sea.

Photobook "If you give up, it will work" Example of work
Do cats know the best places on the island?

There are also some pictures of cats other than island cats. One of them is a night cherry blossom cat sitting under a cherry tree. This photo, which was taken in Fukuoka city, has cute cats and beautiful cherry blossoms.

Kenichi Morinaga's photo book "If you give up, it will work" Night cherry blossom cat
"Sakura is good"

By the way, the cover of the photo book "If you give up, it will work" is the signboard cat "Fuku-chan" of "Nozaki Hotel" in Takashima, Saga Prefecture. It is said that if you stroke Fuku-chan or ask Fuku-chan to pray, you will win the lottery. In fact, some people have won big prizes in the past.

Such a lucky beckoning cat Fuku-chan is taking a prayer pose that he is good at on the cover. If you keep this photobook close to you, you won't win the lottery ... but I don't think good things will happen.

Such an auspicious (?) Photobook that is perfect as a gift, "If you give up, it will work" is an A5 variant, 96 pages in all colors, and the price is 1,080 yen (including consumption tax). It can be purchased at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide.

"If you give up, it will work", cover page
If there is something good, it's good!