Naruki Ishii "Sugars off! Premium Cheesecake Light"
Carbohydrate off ... is it delicious?

"Seijo Ishii Homemade Premium Cheesecake" is one of the signature products of the supermarket "Seijo Ishii". It's as delicious as the cake shops in that area, and the volume for the price is amazing, isn't it? When I was young, I used to use a spoon as a box, yes.

However, around the age when I couldn't eat as much as I wanted because the sweets with plenty of cream cheese, butter, and sugar were delicious. Recently, I divide it by a large number of people and eat it while sticking to the last minute of the expiration date.

Did you know that "Sugar off! Premium Cheesecake Light" has been added to the fascinating cheesecake lineup?

Naruki Ishii "Sugars off! Premium Cheesecake Light"
Savior ~ !?

This is a cheesecake that does not use sugar and is replaced with sweeteners such as erythritol (natural sugar alcohol) and reduced maltose starch syrup. It doesn't contain raisins, but the other ingredients are the same, and it looks almost the same. The price is 899 yen (excluding tax) per bottle, which is about 130 yen higher than the premium cheesecake.

What does it taste like?

The impression that I ate a bite was “premium cheesecake more than I imagined” . The sweetness is very modest, but the crispy "streusel" sprinkled on the surface, the butter of the pound dough, the rich cream cheese and the almond flavor stand out. The texture of the cheese part is smoother than the premium cheesecake.

Naruki Ishii "Sugars off! Premium Cheesecake Light"
Because it is not sweet, it is easy to understand why it is "premium"

Compared to the head family?

Now let's get the premium cheesecake to appear.

Naruki Ishii "Sugars off! Premium Cheesecake Light"

Streusel and sponge that you want to eat alone, juicy raisins ... Yeah, each one is really sweet .

Seijo Ishii Homemade Premium Cheese Cake
"Ah, this is this!"

But I don't think it's something to eat together, so I'm worried about my diet and health, but I really want to eat that taste ...! How about at that time? It is also recommended for those who feel that the head family is too sweet.

The calorie of Premium Cheesecake Light is 444kcal per 100g (3.53oz). The calories in premium cheesecake haven't been announced, but it's unlikely to change that much. For those who want to eat what they like without worrying about anything, I wonder if premium cheesecake is delicious. After all it is amazing, this.

* Handling and inventory status varies depending on the store. Also available at Seijo Ishii online shop