"Additive-free soap shampoo foam type" will be released on August 17th from Shabontama Soap. With one push, plenty of foam (about 3 ml) comes out, so it seems that the burden on the hair is small.

Shabondama soap additive-free shampoo foam type
Perfect for washing children alone!

Natural oils and fats such as camellia oil are used as raw materials, and they are carefully cooked using the kettle-cooking method (saponification method). It's gentle on the scalp and hair, and it's finished according to the smooth fingers.

The main body contains 520 ml and the price is 950 yen, and the refill type (420 ml) is 680 yen (both tax excluded). No silicones, synthetic polymers, fragrances, colorants, antioxidants or synthetic surfactants.