Kitan Club "Cornerstone-Magnet & Figurine-"
That stone that everyone knows ...

Kitan Club will sell "Cornerstone-Magnet & Figurine-" with the motif of "Cornerstone" at capsule vending machines nationwide from August 2nd. The price is 200 yen (tax included) per piece.

The cornerstone that you can see in the corners of a building is the stone that is ceremonially installed when the building is constructed. Some items may contain "time capsule" items such as ordering / contractor names and messages.

The product to be released this time is a reproduction of the cornerstone in a miniature size of about 40 mm. Even the stone surface of granite is expressed just like the real thing, and it seems to be recommended for diorama props.

Kitan Club "Cornerstone-Magnet & Figurine-"
This dignity even if small

There are two types of lineup, a magnet type and a stationary figure. There are three existing colors, "black", "red", and "gray".

Kitan Club "Cornerstone-Magnet & Figurine-"
I've seen all of them!