"Pikachu Bank" designed by Pikachu
The contents are still secret

In Shine's "Naughty BANK", "Pikachu Bank", which is a design of the popular character "Pikachu", has appeared. It will be released by TAKARATOMY in November.

"Pikachu Bank" designed by Pikachu
Release is autumn

This product is a piggy bank that draws coins when you place coins in a box that resembles a monster ball and Pikachu appears with a cry. There are 243 chat patterns available, and you can enjoy it as many times as you like with Pikachu's action.

The product size is H102 x W126 x D106 mm. Holds about 40 500-yen coins. The price is 2,980 yen (excluding tax). Unfortunately, Pikachu's design is still a secret.

Shine "Naughty BANK Toraneko"
Is it like this? ("Naughty BANK Toraneko")