Cockroach-damaged area, worst 3rd place is Osaka, 2nd place is Kanagawa, 1st place?
Cockroach occurrence risk by prefecture (2016 version) (Source: Cockroach extermination consultation site "Cockroach extermination Meister")

"Risk of cockroach occurrence by prefecture" that shows the areas where cockroach damage occurs frequently has been announced from the cockroach extermination consultation site "Cockroach Extermination Meister". It is based on the results of consultations with the site over the past year (July 1, 2015 to July 31, 2016).

In the data released this time, the national average value of cockroach occurrence risk is 1.00, and the risk of each prefecture is expressed as a relative numerical value.

According to the same data, the worst risk of occurrence was 1.66 in Osaka, 1.74 in Kanagawa, and 3.29 in Tokyo. In addition, Chiba prefecture (1.36), Kyoto prefecture (1.35), Aichi prefecture (1.08), and Fukuoka prefecture (1.07) exceeded the national average of 1.00.

According to "Cockroach Extermination Meister", Tokyo is the worst for 3 consecutive years. Basically, the risk tends to be high in proportion to the number of households in prefectures, and it can be seen that the outbreak of cockroach is inseparable from urban life, according to the survey results.

Hokkaido has the lowest risk of cockroach. The risk of occurrence was 0.00, and the number of consultations was 0.