One cat pattern pen present campaign in the world

Your cat might be a ballpoint pen design !? An Instagram campaign for cat lovers is running from August 19th to October 16th.

The campaign held by Pentel commemorates the release of the ballpoint pen "Knock-type Energel Limited Cat Pattern" with a cat pattern as a motif. From the applicants who posted pictures of their cat's strange poses and gestures along with the hashtag (#hennaneko), 5 people will be given an "original 3-color ballpoint pen" by lottery. For the three-color ballpoint pen, you can design the pattern of the cat you posted.

One cat pattern in the world

Knock type Energel limited cat pattern
This is the "Knock-type Energel Limited Cat Pattern" released on August 9th. The original 3-color ballpoint pen is also highly anticipated!

When applying, you need to follow the official campaign account (energel_neko). Winners will be announced on October 28th.