Art plant "Sutoku Plant"
Glitter from the root of the tree

The storage tool "Sutoku Plant" that can be displayed as a foliage plant is on sale from August at the artificial foliage plant specialty store "Art Plant" (Nakano-ku, Tokyo).

"Sutoku Plant" is a storage tool that utilizes the inside of the planter. By putting disaster prevention supplies and stockpiles instead of soil and "covering" with artificial foliage plants, storage that maintains its aesthetic appearance is realized. Both the planter and the tree part are custom-made products, and can be manufactured with dimensions that match the installation location and the items to be stored.

Art plant "Sutoku Plant"

The price range is 40,000 yen for a set of 40 cm wide x 40 cm high trees and 170 cm high trees, and 70,000 yen for a set of 80 x 40 cm wide planters and two 170 cm high trees. ~. If on-site construction is required, a separate construction fee will be charged.
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